This one goes out to the young people!

For two years, you took on so much for all of us. Two long years of sacrifice, distancing, and deprivation. We, the family of European festivals, thank you for your loyalty!

This year is your year. The European Year of Youth encourages young people to share their vision, meet other people, grab new opportunities and engage in activities all over Europe. The European festivals are infinitely grateful to reconnect with you again in 2022, providing your platform for international encounters, self-fulfilment and the development of your lifestyle and personality.

Are you a young festival lover, artist or festival maker? Let’s cherish life and gain these valuable experiences that will benefit you for the rest of your life.
You’re back. We’re back. Together again.

Creating MAGIC MOMENTS is impossible without you
Living BIG EMOTIONS is impossible without you
All these UNIQUE MEMORIES are impossible without you
TAKING A STAND is impossible without you
Building A BETTER EUROPE is impossible without you
SHAPING FUTURE together is impossible without you
FESTIVALS are #ImpossibleWithoutYou
FESTIVALS are #ImpossibleWithoutYouth

is a contribution by the European festivals to the European Year of Youth. The year of youth is shining a light on the importance of European youth to build a better future – greener, more inclusive and digital. With plenty of opportunities to learn, share your vision, meet people and engage in activities all over Europe, the European Year of Youth is the moment to move forward with confidence and hope in a post-pandemic world. Find out what the Year has in store for you and join in the #EYY2022!

Make your voice heard!

Go to the Voice Platform of the European Year of Youth 2022. Take a few minutes to record your voice message and express what kind of Europe you want to live in, whether your visions concern environment, culture, education, employment or European values.

All recordings will be listened to and evaluated – a great opportunity to directly contribute to building a better Europe.

We are fully aware of the fact that reconnecting with the youth at festivals all across Europe is a privilege. All of us together embrace and support the young and not so young festival enthusiasts, artists and organizers suffering from the war in Ukraine. You who were violently separated from what you are passionate about and what you have been working on for years: We are and will be there for you! A better Europe and shaping future are impossible without you.

For those who would like to provide unbureaucratic and direct humanitarian aid, we recommend a donation to the relief project of our colleagues at the Ukrainian Association Of Music Events, which provides those affected with supplies and accommodation:

#ImpossibleWithoutYouth was initiated by YOUROPE e.V. and the European Festivals Association (EFA) and marks the first ever collaboration of the two most important organisations representing European festivals.

#ImpossibleWithoutYouth was inspired by millions of young people making festivals the magic places that they are. It was realized by Karlsruhe Marketing und Events (KME) and Das Fest with the support of the festivalfinder communityWacken Open AirSeaside FestivalNordlandStation Hilltop and the wonderful band Querbeat.

#ImpossibleWithoutYouth is a not-for-profit initiative and carried out on a voluntary basis by its supporters. It was created in connection with the projects “3F – Future-Fit Festivals” (YOUROPE) and FestivalFinder (EFA). Both are funded by the Creative Europe program of the European Union.

Do you like the initiative and want to join?
Would you share the message and video? Then you are cordially invited to do so. Just download the materials here. Please make sure your posts are public and don’t forget to use the hashtags: 


Are you looking for examples of young people realizing their creative ideas at festivals? Or for inspiration on how young people can actively be integrated into festivals as creators? Then we recommend you the EU-funded project „FUSION – Festivals as Social Innovation Incubators“. FUSION published a guide with 15 great social innovation initiatives from festivals all across Europe and a toolbox with instructions on how to organize young, innovative projects specifically for festival environments. Check out all resources on the FUSION website.

#ImpossibleWithoutYouth is supported by:

A note from YOUROPE and European Festival Association (EFA) – why we do this: 

We are the European festival family. Together, festivals, artists and visitors create spaces in which millions of people experience culture, music and arts every year. For more than two years we were not able to do this – in this respect we can relate to the deprivation of the youth to a certain extent.

Festivals are great examples of international togetherness, solidarity, acceptance, open-mindedness and cultural diversity. Our goal is to be social, responsible and fair. This can only be achieved in a free, open and peaceful society. Each and every one of us actively contributes to the magical moments of a festival or a concert – before, on and behind the stage. All of us also actively contribute to strengthening our society by making use of our voice – in our families, among our friends and colleagues, in activism or politics.

Let’s use this superpower for the future of Europe. For future generations. For peace and a strong community – not only in the festival sector, but throughout Europe.